• dessert or afternoon snack.
  • 15 min.
  • easy.
  • 1
  • 1 cup drinking chocolate (approx. 250 to 300 ml).
  • Whipped cream (with or without sugar) (approx. 150 ml).
  • 40 g Valliser quince chopped into tiny cubes.

This recipe requires a large cocktail glass. If this is not available, try to find one of a similar size to hold all the ingredients.

Leave the glass in the fridge so that it is good and cold when serving this dessert.

Having done this, you can either make the drinking chocolate or use one ready-prepared. Chill in the fridge for some 6 hours. Do not put it in the freezer. It needs to be cold but not frozen.

Now, the whipped cream can be made or it can be bought as ready-whipped. Remember there are many types of creams for whipping or whipped creams on the market which contain sugar or sweeteners or are sugar-free. Choose the one that is most appropriate.

Having made the whipped cream, place it in the fridge for some time for it to attain consistency.

Check to see if the chocolate and the cream are very cold. If they are, then it is time to create things in the glass.

Fill the the glass up to about the mid-point with the chocolate or chocolate sauce.

Add the cream on top of the chocolate using a piping bag. If one is not available, you can use a plastic bag. Fill the bag and close it at the top, before cutting it at the opposite end. It is less attractive but very practical if there is no piping bag.

And, lastly, position the Valliser quince cubes on top of the cream to provide this dessert with a special fruity touch.


When using hot chocolate, do not use a cold glass as it might break.

Garnish with dried fruit and nuts or, in our case, with caramelised almonds. In winter, this could be served with hot chocolate. It would then be a 'Swiss chocolate' with its own character thanks to the Valliser quince.


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