• starter.
  • 15min.
  • easy.
  • 2 people.
  • 1 large, juicy tomato.
  • Leaves of iceberg lettuce for the base.
  • Variety of lettuce leaves (oakleaf lettuce, romaine, etc.), green leaf
  • (lamb's lettuce, rocket) and endive leaves. Also possible with a single type.
  • 1 fresh sliced cucumber.
  • Slices of cheese (the stronger the cheese the more evident the contrast).
  • 1 tin skipjack (type of tinned tuna) or longfin tuna in oil.
  • Valliser Quince fillets in triangular pieces.
  • Salad garnish: variety of different cherry tomatoes, olives, gherkins or as preferred.,

Prepare the garnish. First, shred the lettuce and other leaves (keep a few iceberg leaves to assemble the salad later). This will mean the tomato stays on the plate.

Now, cut the stem and lower section free from the tomato. Then, cut four similar-sized large slices.

Place the lower section of the tomato on the lettuce and add a pinch of table salt. Add the sliced cucumber and a few leaves of lettuce (different to those used as the base).

Add a slice of tomato with slices of cheese on top.

Place another slice of tomato on top and cover it with filleted Valliser quince so the ends of the triangles remain visible.

Lastly, add the tuna or longfin and cover with the tomato stem. Garnish as preferred with cherry tomatoes or your chosen ingredients.


This is a perfect salad to share in the summer. The Tomato & Valliser Quince Salad is very filling and full of contrasts thanks to the variety of ingredients involved. It can be dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon vinaigrette, etc


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